I’m currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Psychology Department at UCCS where I’m working with Tom Pyszczynski to study the ways existentially motivated cognition influences science communication.

Prior to this position I worked as a post-doc with the Center for Mind and Culture. Colleagues and I continue to publish a monthly review of all research in the scientific study of religion.

My Ph.D. training was in Psychology of Religion as a Lindamood Fellow with the Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion and Boston University. Thanks to Bob Neville, I also received a healthy dose of pragmatic philosophy which continues to inform my research.

Affiliations and Memberships

In addition to the institutions mentioned above, I’m fortunate enough to work with many other amazing groups including:


More importantly than all that professional stuff, I’m “Dado” to two amazing kiddos, husband to an incredible scholar of Buddhist studies, and an enthusiastic but thoroughly average carpenter, gardener, mountain biker, fly-fisherman, and rock-climber.